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Team Coaching

Team coaching focuses on the team as a system, with input from the individuals within the team. The goal of team coaching is to allow the inherent intelligence within the system to emerge. Often, in teams unpopular voices are ignored or even shamed. This potentially important information is therefore submerged and lost to the system, but may bubble up in toxic forms. 
These are symptoms of a team requiring coaching: 
  • A negative atmosphere and culture
  • Gossip
  • Scapegoating a team member
  • Several levels of dialogue happening concurrently
  • Unofficial sub-groups within the team
  • Productivity failures and inadequate performance
  • Absenteeism and resignations
We create real-time, experiential opportunities for the team to try out consciousness-creating skills. The tools we offer are practical and easy to use – both during coaching sessions and in the workplace. Sessions are co-created with the team and team leader. Post-session application is encouraged.

“Alison worked with our Institute for Child and Family Health Research team. Alison provided the team with significant skills to assist them in their journey. She did this with warmth, empathy, insight and a good dose of humour.  I was blown away by their growth when they received a standing ovation at the 2017 Aids Impact Conference in Cape Town. Thank you Alison”

Prof Mark Tomlinson, SU