Alison Faraday

Becoming a Coach is the result of a lifelong commitment to personal learning and growth. Looking back at my work and life experiences and studies, I see now that they have led me to this position of privilege – that of becoming a coach. Working with my coaching clients is an honour – and it is a true privilege to see my clients grow and make changes in their lives.

I obtained my training through the South African College of Applied Psychology, completing the two-year Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching. I am a registered Coach with The International Coaching Federation and Accredited and Certified at ACC level. I have hundreds of hours of coaching, working with a range of private clients, and teams.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019, my coaching skills became vitally important at a deeply personal level. The tools of deep listening (to what is being said and what is not); self-compassion; self-advocacy, asking decisive questions; and the ability to listen to what my intuition was telling me, all provided the strength and courage I needed during that terrible time. I am delighted to say that since then I have gone from strength to strength, thanks partly to the support I had but also to the renewed sense of purpose I feel in helping my clients who are going through similar life challenges.

I have channelled everything I have learned on my cancer journey into a 10-week Cancer Partner Programme. You do not need to do this alone!

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I work with international and local clients undergoing a life transition. As a breast cancer survivor and ‘thriver’, I have a particular kinship in working with clients experiencing a life crisis. Are you going through one of life’s difficult transitions (divorce, unemployment, loss of a loved one, ill-health)? I know something of what you are going through, as I have been through my own life crisis, and I KNOW that coaching can help you. Coaching can assist you by giving you the safe space in which you can identify what you really want and need right now. To clarify what your needs are and to find the resources to have them met. To create a team of support to hold you during the crisis. You don’t need to do this alone.

Individual coaching and can be conducted in your work space, at my beautiful coaching studio in Noordhoek or via Zoom. After the initial chemistry session in which we get to know each other better, a programme is crafted between us for your specific needs.

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I work with teams and groups. I am fascinated by the relationships and systems displayed in families, teams and groups. I work with interconnected groups of people to build relationship intelligence from a systems perspective.

This means using a range of experiential tools and processes in which the participants get to deepen their understanding of the patterns of thinking and behaviour they are unconsciously trapped in.  Once the ‘dance’ has been revealed, the steps can be changed.

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Associate Certified Coach International Coach Federation
The South African College of Applied Psychology