Cancer Partnering

If you have been diagnosed with cancer or another ‘dread’ disease, you will know how time slows in that moment as you stand on the precipice between what came before, and this terrible new reality. Your understanding of who you are is forever changed, and an unknown, and very frightening new version of you emerges. It is as if the mist lifts during a routine walk, and you find yourself standing on a cliff edge, scrambling not to teeter and fall.

And, even if you are surrounded by loved ones, you may feel very much alone. This is a journey that only you can take.

I have combined my personal experiences and the lessons learned during my cancer journey, together with solid research from international experts into a 10-week Cancer Partner Programme. I must state that this is not a medical intervention, nor will we make decisions about your treatment protocol. However, we will create a safe space for you to examine the root causes of your illness, to explore what you really need in order to heal, and to create all the right conditions to support you on your journey towards healing.

You will not be alone on this journey. I will be your Cancer Partner.

“Thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness Alison. During this difficult time you have been an angel in our lives, walking every step of the way with us. We are so grateful for your guidance and support.”
From a cancer patient who wished to remain anonymous