“Alison is a naturally intuitive, responsive and insightful coach. Throughout all of my sessions with her, Alison was a consistent source of positivity, support, and motivation. More importantly, she has the incredible ability to facilitate self-awareness and help you tap into your individual potential. Each coaching session with Alison left me feeling empowered, motivated, and equipped with the necessary skills to make good decisions in my personal life and career. Alison has truly helped me to create opportunities for myself in order to achieve my personal goals.”

Stefan Rabie, Stellenbosch University

Is Thrivelist Coaching for you?

Are you currently experiencing a life crisis? Have you run headlong into a ‘wake-up wall’? Many of us struggle alone with one of the many roadblocks that life puts in our way. You do not need to do it alone. Whether it is ill-health, a marriage breakdown or the death of a loved one, having a Coach to partner with you during this period, will help you profoundly.

Get a Thrivelist on your side…and become one too.

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How Thrivelist coaching changes lives…

Given a safe thinking environment in which we can pause and reflect, we can explore what we fundamentally need and desire in our lives. The power of a Coach is to use deep listening and powerful questioning to help you to generate clearer thinking around any dilemma or challenge you are facing. As a Coach, I will create the right environment for you to process your feelings and thoughts and to access your innate wisdom.

Imagine if you could truly and deeply be heard? Imagine being asked incisive questions that generate new thoughts and thereby new insights, leading to better decisions and actions?

Coaching can be a key to a door which you didn’t even know was locked.

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“Forget positive thinking. Try positive action.”

Richard Wiseman