Support through life coaching
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Individual Coaching

Are you ready to be coached? Have you tried other strategies, but with few resulting changes to your life? Coaching is a transformational methodology which focuses on new actions, underpinned by a deepening understanding of who you are and your hidden motivations. Because the reality is, actions which are not underpinned by self-awareness, and assisted through accountability are not sustainable.

I have worked with clients struggling with a range of dilemmas: from divorce and death to post-retirement and lack of direction. Whatever you are facing in your life, having a thinking partner on your side will help you to move from confusion and anxiety to clarity and action.

“Thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness Alison. During this difficult time you have been an angel in our lives, walking every step of the way with us. We are so grateful for your guidance and support.”
From a cancer patient who wished to remain anonymous